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Welcome to the Southern Indiana Wheelmen Bicycle Club!

We've been riding the beautiful roads of Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington Counties (to name a few) since 1975. We support all aspects of safe cycling in our local community, the state of Indiana and the nation.

We hope to see YOU soon!


SIW COVID Guidelines:
  • Maintaining a minimum distance from each other of at least 6 feet before, during and after rides,
  • No drafting or peloton riding,
  • No sharing of hydration and/or snacks,
  • Do not attend rides if you are not feeling well (cough, fever, runny nose, etc.),
  • Ride Captains will sign up all riders (no sharing of pen/clipboard), and
  • Due to Jefferson County's "Red Zone" status, SIW will NOT have rides in Louisville until further notice.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: All rides and events are subject to being cancelled if new COVID-19 concerns emerge.
Reminder to current members to pay your 2021 dues!

The 2021 mileage year began Oct. 1st and your dues must be paid by Dec. 31st or you will lose mileage credit for all rides ridden from Oct. 1st until you pay your dues.

Register on-line (with PayPal)!

Print application.
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Each member is able to receive his/her INDIVIDUAL ride log monthly via e-mail.

If you do not receive these e-mails, but would like to, please contact the SIW Statistician here.

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Guests and new members are ALWAYS welcome!

Please Note: Cyclists are required to wear a CPSC-approved helmet on all club rides.

Cyclists on all club rides are expected to know and adhere to all rules of the road, and to exercise their rights to the road in a responsible manner at all times.

Oct24,566 27,919 13.6%
Nov9,820 12,345 25.7%
Dec8,171 12,939 58.4%
Jan7,033 9,086 29.2%
Feb11,880 13,419 13.0%
Mar15,360 8,584 44.1%
Apr23,881 0 100%
May30,684 0 100%
Jun35,067 29,853 14.9%
Jul40,521 31,266 22.8%
Aug36,467 33,808 7.3%
Sep37,179 34,691 6.7%
As of 10/09/20

Oct22,155 24,566 10.9%
Nov12,587 9,820 22.0%
Dec7,916 8,171 3.2%
Jan11,800 7,033 40.4%
Feb7,650 11,880 55.3%
Mar12,968 15,360 18.4%
Apr18,042 23,881 32.4%
May25,947 30,684 18.3%
Jun32,735 35,067 7.1%
Jul37,476 40,521 8.1%
Aug31,316 36,467 16.4%
Sep31,436 37,179 18.3%
As of 09/30/19

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