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Tony Barranco
(1963 -- 2023)

Tony Barranco, a long-time SIW member, died locally on October 24, 2023.

Tony and his spouse, Cindy, frequently rode with SIW on their tandem, and on single bikes. They were supportive of new riders, and would ride with new riders regardless of the pace needed to make sure the new riders would not ride alone. Even though Tony was an excellent racer with Bolla and Rapid Transit, he would slow down and ride with another rider to make sure that the rider would not quit the ride.

Tony was also a talented mechanic, both at work at UPS, and on bicycles. He was known as the fastest tire changer in the club. He once changed a tire so fast that the other riders could not even check their voicemails before the job was completed! Tony was always willing to help others with mechanical issues, and he helped several club members source and spec their bikes.

Tony and his equipment were always impeccable. His shoes were always shined, and his bikes always appeared to have just come off the showroom floor. He delighted in riding his classic Bianchi, complete with toe clips, non-indexed shifting, and a straight-block, and leaving the others in the dust.

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Photos courtesy of several photographers
Thanks to many SIW members for the memories and stories.

Tony was a founding member of the Bolla racing team in 2006

The team contributed to the community along with racing

Tony and Cindy rode tandem often with SIW

Tony specially liked riding his classic Bianchi

Tony participated in numerous club events, such as the Easter Egg Ride . . .

. . . and the Polar Bear Ride

Tony rode almost 36,000 miles with SIW, only a small fraction of his lifetime mileage racing and training all over the world