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Katherine "Kathy" Bothwell
(1927 - 2023)

Kathy Bothwell, a former SIW member, died locally on December 13, 2023. Kathy is the mother of Jan Campbell (Bernie), and grandmother of past SIW members Holly Passafumer (Campbell) and Drew Campbell.

Kathy and her husband, Bill, joined SIW in the mid-seventies after having been members of Louisville Wheelmen (now Louisville Bicycle Club). Kathy had organized the Old Kentucky Home Tour with Stuart Prather, and she quickly became a planner of the Harvest Homecoming Tour. Kathy and Bill also hosted the SIW planning meeting several times.

Kathy and Bill were regulars on weeklong SIW tours. In 1979, they ventured to Batesville and Oldenburg on a weeklong trip with the Armes family, Joan Gilley and Mary Ellen Strange. In 1980, they rode to Amishland and Lakes with Bill and Jean VanCader and Joan. They also participated in the Huff-n-Puff tour that year. Kathy rode Pedal Across Lower Michigan (PALM) in 1991 with Joan, Terry Graf, Charlie and Vivian Riddle, Bill and Jerry Gregg, and Ed Hatfield. Kathy and Bill also rode Amishland and Lakes with their family.

Kathy was a tough cyclist. Joan Gilley recalls that, on a five-day trip to Michigan, Kathy fell at an intersection in Uniontown, but just got up with a smile and said, "Let's get going!" Kathy was still going strong at age 65, inspiring others to keep riding.

Kathy's willingness to get involved with SIW activities, and her determination were key to the club's success, and are part of the reason SIW remains a vibrant organization.

To read Kathy's complete obituary, click here.

Information courtesy of Joan Gilley. Photos courtesy of Joan Gilley (left) and Ron McKim (right)

Ride to Michigan start

Kathy and Bill rode for five days with SIW to Michigan, from start ...

Ride to Michigan finish

. . . to finish!

PALM group
PALM group

Kathy enjoyed Pedal Across Lower Michigan with SIW.

Vatican Ride group

Kathy and Bill ventured to Oldenburg and Batesville with SIW.

HHBT with Bob Peters

Kathy jumped right in after joining SIW. Here, she is pictured at HHBT with Bob Peters.

Soup Ride
Soup Ride

Kathy at the Campbell's Soup Ride

1991 Awards Banquet

Kathy earned her share of SIW awards. Here, she is at the 1991 Awards Banquet.