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Donald Neuhauser
(February 11, 1940 -- November 27, 2022)

Donald Neuhauser, a former SIW member, died locally on November 27th.

Joan Gilley remembers Donald:
Don and Dottie rode a tandem but he had many bicycles. He played the dulcimer and he once played at a sag stop for the harvest homecoming at the intersection of Corydon Ridge Rd and I64 and the road that goes into Lanesville. I use to see him at Corydon on Friday nights at the gazebo when the dulcimers played.

In addition to playing various instruments, including the banjo, Don also crafted many instruments. He was a Veteran of the US Army.

To read Donald's complete obituary, click here.

Photos courtesy of Ron McKim

Don and Dottie on tandem

Don and Dottie often rode their tandem with SIW.

Don and Dottie on tandem

Don with Terry Sullivan

Don also enjoyed riding his various single bikes. Here he is with Terry Sullivan.

Don playing dulcimer

Don also enjoyed entertaining the club by playing his dulcimer at events like the club picnic.

Don playing dulcimer

Don with Joan Gilley

Don also served at other events. Here, he is with Joan Gilley at Harvest Homecoming.