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Bike/Auto crash? Injury due to a negligent dog owner? Need advice? Click here for a list of Indiana law firms specializing in bicycle-related cases.

Don't let fido turn your ride - or the next person's into a tragedy.
Anytime - and everytime - you encounter a dog that is loose and in the roadway, please call the local sheriff's office/animal control officer to report the animal and its location.

Any size dog can cause a serious accident and injuries (to pedestrians, horse riders, motorcyclists, and drivers as well as to cyclists).

Dog owners may be held liable under state, county and/or city laws for keeping their dogs properly restrained and out of public roadways. Owners may be sued for any damages resulting from negligence.

Clark County Animal Control / Sheriff's Office (812) 283-4471 Unincorporated / Other Areas
Charlestown Animal Control (812) 256-3422 -
Charlestown Police Dept. (812) 256-7129 -
Clarksville Animal Control (812) 283-8233 Ordinances
Jeffersonville J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter & Control (812) 282-0071 Normal Business Hours
Jeffersonville Police Dept. (812) 283-6633 After Normal Business Hours
Sellerburg Police Dept. (812) 246-4491 ext 3 -
Crawford County Sheriff's Office (812) 338-2802 -
Floyd County /
New Albany
Animal Control (812) 948-5355 Floyd Co. Ordinances
New Albany Ordinances
Harrison County Animal Control (812) 738-8163 -
Jackson County Animal Control (812) 358-2141 Ordinances
Jefferson Co. (Indiana) Sheriff (812) 274-3774 -
Jefferson Co. (Kentucky) Animal Control (502) 333-9072 -
Scott County Sheriff (812) 752-8400 -
Washington County Salem Animal Control (812) 883-5100 -
County Sheriff (812) 883-5999 -

For accident and/or injury assistance, please call 911.

ATTY / FIRM PHONE NOTES (Adapted from the Firm's Website - See websites for complete information.) STATES
Bike Accident Advice - Kass & Moses, PC 1-844-Bicycle "We limit our practice to only representing injured Motorcycle and Bicycle riders. There are only a handful of law firms in the country that can match the knowledge and experience we bring to our clients.... We know the bias and disdain many automobile drivers have against bike and motorcycle riders. Many car drivers do not feel they should have to share the road with us. In fact insurance companies, as well as police officers, often unjustly skew a police report in favor of the car or truck. Our experience in over-coming these inaccuracies and bias makes us uniquely qualified to represent injured bicycle and motorcycle accident victims." All 50
Bike Law 866-VELOLAW
"Bicycle accident attorney Bob Mionske is a former Olympic and professional cyclist, with a law practice that is exclusively focused on representing cyclists who have been injured by motorists, unsafe road conditions, or defective cycling products." Mionske has also written books and regular magazine columns on safe cycling, and cyclists' legal issues and rights." All 50
Jim Dodson Law 888-207-0306 "Jim Dodson is a cyclist and lawyer operating multiple offices throughout Florida and is member of the Sarasota Manatee Bike Club. Specializing in personal injury and accident cases, he has earned numerous awards and accolades. Mr. Dodson serves as member of Board of Directors of the Florida Bicycle Association and the Suncoast Safety Council, he is involved in the “Share the Road” Initiative with Largo Police Dept., and is a member of Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST). Mr. Dodson makes important information available to cyclists free of charge in his Fl. Bicycle Accident Handbook." Florida
Sevenish Law 1-317-942-3605 "Randall “Randy” Sevenish has literally been a cyclist his entire life, especially during his adult life. Randy and Sevenish Law are known advocates for bicyclists in Indiana and remain active supporters and/or corporate sponsors of Bicycle Indiana, IndyCOG, CIBA, the League of American Bicyclists, and others. Randy and his firm have sponsored numerous cycling events including Indianapolis' Ride to Work Day. He is a regular speaker on legal issues for cyclists and actively engages the public in educating non-cyclist drivers of motor vehicles on topics such as “The Etiquette of Sharing the Road with Bicycles,” “The 3-foot Rule” and others." Indiana
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* If your law office specializes in representing cyclists' rights and is licensed to practice in Indiana, please contact the webmaster here to be included on this listing.

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