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Jean Van Cader
(August 17, 1935 - May 2, 2022)

Jean Van Cader, a Life Member of SIW, died locally on May 2nd.

The following information was provided by Joan Gilley:

Jean and her surviving spouse, Bill, were founding members of SIW. They also were founders of the Harvest Homecoming Bicycle Tour and of the Slowspokes group. Jean and Bill helped organize the 'Huff n Puff' tour, a week-long tour through southern Indiana. They also held the first Cherry Pie Ride, which was the beginning of the riding season in the past.

Jean was also the first person to use a computer to type the ride schedule and trip iteneraries. Prior to this, everything was hand-drawn/written or typed on a typewriter. She and Bill attended numerous events, including Hilly Hundred and club cycling trips.

Jean was a fierce cyclist despite her diminutive stature. Despite undergoing a kidney transplant, Jean rode 50 miles at the Amishland & Lakes ride the next summer. Jean was "small but mighty" according to Joan. Joan remembers a time coming from Buffalo Trace when Jean screamed so loudly at a dog that she scared the dog -- AND THE REST OF THE RIDERS! Joan says she never bothered with Halt! when Jean was on the ride.

Jean and Bill, along with Joan Gilley, became Life Members of SIW in 1998.

To read Jean's complete obituary, click here.

Photos courtesy of Ron McKim and Joan Gilley

Birthday Ride

Jean and Bill tandeming on the 2003 'Peg & Joan Birthday Ride', which was the end-of-season ride in the past.

Hilly Hundred 1999

Jean and Bill participated in numerous out-of-town ride, such as the 1999 Hilly Hundred.

Life Member

Jean and Bill earned Life Member status (along with Joan Gilley) in 1998.

Polar Bear 1997 on bike

Jean and Bill enjoyed club events such as the Polar Bear Ride in 1997.

Polar Bear 1997 inside

Highway clean-up

Jean volunteered at club events such as the Highway Clean-Up.

Little Miami 1991

Jean enjoyed club trips such as the Little Miami tour.

Little Miami 1999